100 Mile Diet A Year Of Local Eating

Ah, a blog.  Can’t help but feel like a piece of me has died.


Smith, A, MacKinnon, J.B.  2007.  The 100-Mile Diet.  pg.1-131.  Vintage Canada, Toronto.

This book was about Alisa and James and the troubles and benefits they found when trying the 100 mile diet.  Hundred dollar meals and bears in the woods mixed with social interactions they would not otherwise have had was what the first half of the book was about.

Certainly an interesting read, quite a bit different from the standard Biology papers.  It was interesting to see how the two authors transitioned.  It was obvious, but wasn’t stated outright.  Such as when they start giving the other person’s name during the narrative, and the different focuses they both wrote about.  Alisa tended to talk about the people themselves, noting their hair or eye colours (pg 66), while James tended to give more description on what lead to a purchase (pg 88-89).  It was done pretty well, just not something I am used to.  Probably because of the first person point of view and all the “I” did such and such.

I do have to question how far they go to keep to the 100 mile part, especially when James divides mouse poop and wheat.  Would have been famous for an entirely different reason if things had gone wrong there!

Probably a bit short for the first entry, but it will have to so for now.


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