The Triumph of Seeds

Hanson T.  2015.  The Triumph of Seeds.  New York: Basic Books.  pg ix-18, 55-80.

This reading was a bit more of what I am used to seeing, with a bit of a story to go along with the information given out.  Probably the part that jumped out at me the most was when on page 63 he likens spore plant adaptions to eggs and sperm turning into 1/3 size people that had to have sex.  That was an interesting way to put it, certainly gets the point across.  The bit about the fossil record being biased since the ferns and non-seed plants were close to bogs and more likely to be fossilized was interesting too (pg 60).  The summary he gives at the beginning was nice and concise (pg xxiii-xxv).

It was a bit hard to pay attention when he was talking about Mendel and Darwin, but mostly because I’ve heard the stories so often.  It was interesting to hear that no-one asked questions at Mendel’s presentation.  Forget anti-plant bias, kind of makes you question their status of scientists if no-one asks questions.

And the part about pushing a snake out of the way (an asp no less) just to stay on a straight line was pretty jarring (pg 4).  Why go through all that effort when you could just avoid the snake?  Death by snake bite hardly seems a fair trade compared to just making a temporary curve in an otherwise straight line.

A small post seems fair given the few pages to read, overall the theme was that careful consideration should be given to evidence you find, and that seeds have an advantage but that does not mean they are the best.  And though it wasn’t part of the readings assigned, it was neat hearing about the turbulence lack of grain causes to institutions.



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